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Custom-made wall paper Wall’n go®

Wall paper to customize!

The Wall’n go® wall paper kiosk can be installed in a shop with an easy self-service configuration or with dedicated staff.
The user chooses the height of his wallpaper, inserts his photos and that’s it: the Wall’n go® instantly delivers an original product in store!

  • Ecran tactile LCD 21,5’’
  • 21.5′ LCD Touch Screen
  • Compatible with all media
  • Image bank available in the terminal
  • Editing photos: crop, retouch
  • Single or mixed photo
  • Different supports available
  • Different supports available
  • Image wall from 1 to 4 sheets

Vintage photo booth

Rediscover the charm of vintage photos!

The vintage photo booth instantly prints a 4×6″ format photo with 2 strips of 4 photos, 4 poses (black & white and color)!
Customizable backgrounds: the back of the cabin has two curtains in different colours: red and orange.
The user will be able to choose the background corresponding to his desires and the atmosphere sought.
The cabin delivers 2 strips (5×15 cm each) of 4 photos for each client: one in black and white and one in colour.
The same 4 poses are produced in black and white and in colors.

The look of the Vintage photo booth is fully customizable, to your colors.

Photobook Builder

Make photo albums and greeting cards with the Photobook Builder!

The Photobook Builder allows albums and greeting cards to be made automatically in few minutes.

  • Photo albums and greeting cards made from your minilab’s prints
  • Between 2 and 5 minutes to make an album
  • No staff needed
  • Up to 80% margin

Minilab DKS Séries 1750

For your next minilab, think globally!

With your Generation 3 DKS minilab, you can access a portfolio of solutions to boost your sales and margins.
The new viewing solutions, such as digital frames or on-line albums, allow us to offer more products: mix-ups, mosaics, canvases, greeting cards, bookmarks, etc.
So many additional margin opportunities but above all a sustainable source of potential customers.

  • 350 dpi in all sizes from 9×9 cm to 30×45 cm
  • Exceptional details, contrast and colour rendering
  • LED source durability and stability
  • Only 3 main screens to control the minilab
  • Multi-task Architecture
  • Archives up to 50,000 photos and external hard drive management
  • Modular ergonomics: move the workstation freely
  • 2nd workstation to take full advantage of productivity


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Speedlab® mini
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