KISwash® Compact

The kiosk economic and effective laundry

Thanks to its uncluttered and suggestive look, the KISwash ® Compact allows you to get effectively the attention of your customers, your prospects and to generate so of the additional traffic in store.
Your customers can launch the wash of voluminous linen (braid, sleeping bag, tartan rug, pillow, curtains) or of “traditional” linen while they make their shopping, then dry them in next to no time.
They will be seduced by this new service with included washing powder: a saving of time, a practicality of use and all this self-service and accessible to all.

Less than 5m² floor space required equivalent to 2 parking spaces.

  • Two washing machines 8/18kg, one dryer 18kg
  • LED lighting signage
  • Contactless, coins and notes payments available
  • 30 minutes per washing cycle
  • Accessible for disabled customers