Minilab DKS Séries 1750

For your next minilab, think globally!

With your Generation 3 DKS minilab, you can access a portfolio of solutions to boost your sales and margins.
The new viewing solutions, such as digital frames or on-line albums, allow us to offer more products: mix-ups, mosaics, canvases, greeting cards, bookmarks, etc.
So many additional margin opportunities but above all a sustainable source of potential customers.

  • 350 dpi in all sizes from 9×9 cm to 30×45 cm
  • Exceptional details, contrast and colour rendering
  • LED source durability and stability
  • Only 3 main screens to control the minilab
  • Multi-task Architecture
  • Archives up to 50,000 photos and external hard drive management
  • Modular ergonomics: move the workstation freely
  • 2nd workstation to take full advantage of productivity