Gift card kiosk

Personalize and print your gift card!

A 100% self-service and automatic kiosk where your customers can quickly print your banner’s gift card.
An ideal loyalty tool!

The gift card kiosk allows the sale of standardized or personalized cards.
In fact, the user can choose from several thematic backgrounds or from his own photos (via smartphone cables).
The amount of the gift is freely selectable.
In a few steps, the customer instantly receives the printed card!

  • Customer relations and sales improvement
  • Simple implementation
  • Intuitive browser via 27′ multi-touch screen
  • Data Carrier: USB Data Cable and Smartphone (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone)
  • Barrier-free access for people with reduced mobility
  • Payment: Cash, contactless or with card
  • Card design: individual design or pattern printing


Minilab DKS Séries 1750

For your next minilab, think globally!

With your Generation 3 DKS minilab, you can access a portfolio of solutions to boost your sales and margins.
The new viewing solutions, such as digital frames or on-line albums, allow us to offer more products: mix-ups, mosaics, canvases, greeting cards, bookmarks, etc.
So many additional margin opportunities but above all a sustainable source of potential customers.

  • 350 dpi in all sizes from 9×9 cm to 30×45 cm
  • Exceptional details, contrast and colour rendering
  • LED source durability and stability
  • Only 3 main screens to control the minilab
  • Multi-task Architecture
  • Archives up to 50,000 photos and external hard drive management
  • Modular ergonomics: move the workstation freely
  • 2nd workstation to take full advantage of productivity

Photobook Builder

Make photo albums and greeting cards with the Photobook Builder!

The Photobook Builder allows albums and greeting cards to be made automatically in few minutes.

  • Photo albums and greeting cards made from your minilab’s prints
  • Between 2 and 5 minutes to make an album
  • No staff needed
  • Up to 80% margin

Vintage photo booth

Rediscover the charm of vintage photos!

The vintage photo booth instantly prints a 4×6″ format photo with 2 strips of 4 photos, 4 poses (black & white and color)!
Customizable backgrounds: the back of the cabin has two curtains in different colours: red and orange.
The user will be able to choose the background corresponding to his desires and the atmosphere sought.
The cabin delivers 2 strips (5×15 cm each) of 4 photos for each client: one in black and white and one in colour.
The same 4 poses are produced in black and white and in colors.

The look of the Vintage photo booth is fully customizable, to your colors.

Custom-made wall paper Wall’n go®

Wall paper to customize!

The Wall’n go® wall paper kiosk can be installed in a shop with an easy self-service configuration or with dedicated staff.
The user chooses the height of his wallpaper, inserts his photos and that’s it: the Wall’n go® instantly delivers an original product in store!

  • Ecran tactile LCD 21,5’’
  • 21.5′ LCD Touch Screen
  • Compatible with all media
  • Image bank available in the terminal
  • Editing photos: crop, retouch
  • Single or mixed photo
  • Different supports available
  • Different supports available
  • Image wall from 1 to 4 sheets

Tiny Selfie : the new selfie booth by KIS

Original design and fun colours, the Tiny Selfie is the ideal selfie booth to animate your private and professional events.

Consists on 3 main elements (head, foot, printer), the Tiny Selfie by KIS is easily transportable and installable (only 33 kg). The Tiny Selfie is composed of 3 elements (head, foot, printer) quick and easy to put together without any tool. It is a pocket-sized selfie booth, easy to carry and set up. Your photos, alone or with others, can be printed directly or sent by email.
Personalized templates, Chromakey technology (green background), animated gifs, between 1 and 4 possible poses: express your creativity with the Tiny Selfie by KIS!

  • 2 in 1 function: print directly your selfies and the photos shot with your smartphone!
  • Booth which can be easily adapted to each kind of public (persons with reduced mobility, children, etc.).
  • Multiple photo format: square, portrait, landscape, stripes 15 x 5 cm. 
  • Available in 2 colours: Black and champagne / Black and orange

Launderette column

An ultra compact solution for local shops

This launderette column is ideal for convenience stores, gas stations and any other store with little space inside!
This launderette is ultra compact: less than 1m² on the ground! It allows your customers to wash and dry 8 kg of laundry in 30 minutes on average.
The most for your customers: access to professional machines, detergent included and cycles at low prices!

      • Pre-wired and pre-mounted, installed very quickly
      • 1 washing machine 8kg, 1 dryer 8kg
      • Payment by coin mechanism only
      • Accessible to people with reduced mobility

Photo booth Multifunction by Starck

Offer more services to your customers!

In addition to the classic options, this multi-service photo booth is equipped with an A4 scanner and an A4 printer for self-service printing, scanning and copying. Like all KIS photo booths, it is equipped with the latest innovations in certified ID photos and offers a wide range of other original photographic products. Philippe Starck‘s sober and elegant design allows him to fit into any space.

    • The camera automatically adjusts to face level
    • 32” dynamic and customizable outdoor screen
    • Easy navigation thanks to a 17” touch screen
    • User accompaniment software
    • Certified ID photos
    • Compatible with secure transfer of photos, signatures and fingerprints
    • A4 printing from Smartphone: only for pdf formats
    • Scanning A4 documents for sending by email
    • Payment by credit card and contactless (under conditions), and in cash

    Available options

    • Identity document scanner
    • Video conference
    • Card dispenser type badge or credit card



The copier is designed to operate on a self-service basis, it is particularly simple to use !

  • Specially reinforced metal shell, anti-vandalism, rigid rubber flap
  • A4 format black & white
  • Autonomy/ 250 sheets
  • 18 copies/minute
  • Copier accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Electronic Multiple Piece Coin Dispenser

Kiddie rides

Traditional or interactive the kiddie ride will please young and old.

From the individual to the carrousel, our range is large enough to equip all kind of spaces. Bike, car, helicopter, our kiddie rides can be traditional or connected to interactive screen. Thanks to a process of self-coloured fiberglass our kiddie rides are safe and strong.

  • Made in United Kingdom
  • Certified European standards, guaranteed lead free materials, 1 year warranty
  • Plug and Play system
  • Coin acceptor, currency counter
  • Low-power consumption

Find all of them in clicking on Jolly Roger

Laverie by KIS WASH

A welcoming, cosy and comfortable place for your weekly laundry

Located in city centres, close to local shops, the “Laverie by KIS WASH” allows self-service access to professional machines in a clean and comfortable space. The chore of laundry becomes easy thanks to 8kg and 18kg washing machines, dryers and short cycles.

• Access to a detergent and conditioner dispenser with French branded products, phosphate free for optional laundry care.
• Different payment options available: coins, notes, credit card.
• A folding table is available to facilitate customers’ use.
• Elegant seating with attractive design to offer a comfortable waiting time.

Life Kiosk

The technology in this booth captures the most precious moments in life

The Life Kiosk is a simple, convivial and modern counter kiosk. It has been conceived to make your customers save time when they place their order. You can use the Life Kiosk with only a few clicks and it’s as easy as a smartphone or a tablet.

  • Compatible with a variety of media source
  • 23” touch screen full HD
  • Modulated software
  • Compatible with: KIS DKS, FUJI Frontier, Noritsu QSS, Epson Surelab, DNP (DS40/80/80D-DSRX1)
  • 100% connected to smartphones (cables, Bluetooth, AirPrint), Facebook and Instagram

Speedlab bio® by Starck

The most design counter kiosk

Philippe Starck designed this futuristic kiosk to print your photos instantly. The backlit kiosk represents a flower and a beating heart symbolising the energy and the life. Compact and interactive with a height of only 1.42m it can be installed in every corner.

Thanks to the Speedlab bio® by Starck your customers will be able to print instantly their photos and to order personalised gifts.

  • User-friendly interface
  • 27” touch screen
  • Edit your pictures instantly
  • Compatible with a variety of media source
  • 100% connected to smartphones (cables, Bluetooth, AirPrint), Facebook and Instagram
  • Accessible for disabled customers
  • Payment using card, contact less and notes.

Speedlab® mini

An innovative photo printing kiosk that revolutionises the photo development market

Upright on a central post or placed on a counter, you can put this kiosk anywhere: the Speedlab® Mini is ultra-compact, simple and modular, with a footprint of only 0,40 m² and a weight of only 37 kg!

Offer your customers an intuitive experience: the users activate WiFi on their smartphone, connect to the Speedlab Mini network, select their photos and print directly from the phone in a few minutes! Payment is made contactless via a secure system.

  • 9 No app necessary
  • QR Code and NFC technology available
  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Photo format 4×6

Speedlab cube® by Starck

Sleek design and variety of services

This kiosk photo Speedlab cube designed by Philippe Starck was thought resolutely modern. This kiosk will fit perfectly in a variety of environment and in alignment with the Starbooth® by Starck.

The Speedlab cube® by Starck offers a variety of services such as: photo prints (6×4, 8×12), personalised gifts order.

  • User-friendly interface
  • 27” high resolution touch screen
  • Edit your pictures directly on the machine
  • Compatible with all the media source
  • 100% connected to smartphones (cables, Bluetooth, AirPrint), Facebook and Instagram
  • Accessible for disabled customers
  • Payment using card or not